“Eat Fresh Reality Sandwiches!”

July 1, 2011


For what it’s worth

(five dollars per foot, length, not girth)

the Subway sandwich reigns supreme

Selling more than Ronald and The Colonel combined

And there’s good reason why:

They advertise!


Pesto, Pimentos, Pickles, Peppers

Sandwich artists slatherin’

Do dispense more pamphlets

Than Cotton Mather and Common Sense.


The wind up


Ryan Howard powered

By low-caloric towers.

And how many has he devoured?


I do define the end of time :

Where sundial o’er laps

Where waves of shadows lie in wake

and eddies meet the caps.


The countdown goes from


To five

To five


Foot longggg


and echo answered fraud;

Oh, somewhere on these savored sands

which are shining bright;

Jared hides the madness with

Lettuce and  large Sprites

Although he Miracle Whips up allegories,

Still the children shout;

There is no joy in Subway–Ryan Howard has struck out.


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