The Highest Society

June 30, 2010

Man on street Cartoon. Chocolate ice cream. Table of contents. Contributors. Mail. Going Ons. Private Bank superiority. Theater. Tiffany’s. Night Life. IBM. Airfare to Asia. Uptown. Downtown. Music. Movies. Movies. Orthopedics. Movies. Visit Nova Scotia. Movies. Above and Beyond. A Chic Little Biscuit. Human Energy. Comment. Legacies. Dept. of Hoopla. Huddled Masses. Financial Page. Tea Party. Sarah Palin. Melancholy Cartoon. Drawing of Waiter. Tea Party.  Dog Cartoon. Tea Party. Shouts and Murmurs. Iphigenia. Photo of Iphigenia. Iphigenia. Pigeon Cartoon. Street Cartoon. Money Cartoon. Iphigenia. Cocktail Party Cartoon. Goat Poem. Iphigenia. Iphigenia.  Census Cartoon. Banjo Torture Cartoon. Drawing of Waiter. Iphigenia. Bank Cartoon. Global Warming Cartoon.  Parody of Matthew Arnold Poem. Iphigenia. Psychiatry Cartoon. Desert Island Cartoon. Drawing of Waiter. Business Cartoon. Horse Cartoon. Iphigenia. School Cartoon. Movie Cartoon. Drawing of Waiter. Iphigenia. Restaurant Cartoon.  Photo of shirtless boy. Story about Amanda. Buy the New Yorker. Become a Writer. Moses Cartoon. Attend Columbia University.  Visit New Brunswick. Buy the New Yorker. Photo of Neil Simon. Neil Simon. Robert Redford. Neil Simon. Neil Simon. The Lightkeeper. Neil Simon. Briefly Noted. The Theater. Kelsey Grammar in drag. Musical Events. Free Bow Ties. Current Cinema. Masthead. Cartoon Caption Contest. Visit Egyptian desert. Ipad.


2 Responses to “The Highest Society”

  1. This does not displease me.

  2. trapaniadalva said

    Rod, did they edit a crucifix out of that stunning photo or are your pecs so perfect that they just appear to me to be lined with glittering gold?

    P.S.: Who names their kid skylar?

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