Most Parties

June 13, 2010

Blue Moon…”

Corner seat under the windowsill. Bookcase too. Yes, Allergic to the Peonies, but foolhardy to move.

-Isn’t Arachnophobia the fear of being outside?

-Well kind of actually yeah.

“You saw me standing alone”

Presley Version, 56, bodes decent. Perhaps can discuss the making of a good playlist with host.

-What do you wanna be when you grow up?

-Oh you know, an actuary I guess

“Without A”

-Holy Shit I’m so sorry I don’t know who changed this.

Suspicious glares.

-Not guilty, y’all gotta feel me

Synthesized backbeats replace muted anachronisms

-I know I’m glad you like it.

-I’m more of a Soon-Yi

-Why does this whiskey taste like tropical fruit?

-I just have to be conscious of the collective unconscious and I think people will get it.

“Ra Ra Oh LA”

– Oh my god I just heard someone say the funniest thing about Soon-Yi

-Which bag is mine? Does it even matter?

-Is he reading?

-Bros, Hipsters, Hipsters, Bros, where it stops god only knows.

Finnegan’s. River Run Again, right? Past Adam. A Way. A lone.

On the way home I realize that their elevator looked like Melba Toast


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